Wrapped In Thoughts

If you are already familiar with my art, specifically the titles, you already know that I am deeply inspired by our ability to think. The process of mind-work fascinates me; gathering information –the truth- processing it, forming an idea, an opinion and making a choice followed by an action.

I see reason as a gift; it is what makes us- human beings- unique and full of potential. My art celebrates this gift.

So- how does one paint thoughts?

I am continuing to explore the answer to this question. Abstracting a formless noun: A thought, an idea, a concept.


I am excited to share with you a recent series called ‘Wrapped in Thoughts”. It is actually figure paintings –unlike most of my abstract paintings. Without sharing too much about my intensions – because I would like you to have your own experience- I will share that I achieved the feel of being consumed by thoughts, hence, Wrapped In Thoughts.

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