Inspirations again

I am not walking around looking for inspiration. Images, colors and textures just hit me as I pass through. Typically, it occurs when I view art; visiting museums, galleries, looking at art on-line etc..Occasionally it happens on the street, or out in nature. Dreaming is another time where images appear to me. In short- it is all around. As it turns out, sometimes inspiring images are right here in front of me at home. One might think that I know my home so well that there is no way I can be surprised by new color or line. But once in a while the light falls in a different angle or a color changes with the time of the day. Or sometimes someone leaves a gift...

Well, recently, my partner was on the phone for a long time doodling while talking. When the call came to an end, he left behind several pages of AMAZING abstract drawings. Here they are: 


Now- who is the artists in this family? I guess no tittles needed. We all are. 

I love these doodles. I actually framed them because I think of them as a captured moment of truth. Some wonderful piece of him that was hidden and was exposed in a moment of absent mind being. 

If you see similar lines showing up in my art - you will know where they came from. Not from a masterpiece in the museum or expensive gallery but from the brain of my scientist husband.