I love open studio events!

Open Studio at Hunters Point, San Francisco is coming soon (April 21-22) and I am getting excited.

Open Studio events allow me to get exposed to art loving people and my art is exposed to them as well; people who are taking time out of their weekend and choose to walk around (Hunters Point is a HUGE place! ) and observe and enjoy art. What a pleasure it is to sit in my (borrowed) studio and welcome people into my world. I enjoy answering questions, I enjoy explaining about my medium and my art practice. I enjoy listening to people's comments and objervations. Mostly I enjoy those people who stop in front of a piece of art and they are queitly absorbing it. The world around them dissapears and as they stand there, captivated, it is as if time comes to a stop... and I just love it.

And then there are quiet times with no visitors in the studio and it is me sitting and examining my own art. I usually don't take the time to do it. I just sit there and let myself experience my own art. Its a treat.

So- I hope to see you there on April 21-22. I will be in Building 117 studio 3115, 11-6.