Happy New Year!

It is well into January. And I am finally back into the studio! After several weeks of traveling and holidays break I am so thankful and content to be here. Taking a break was not much of a choice but a circumstance  as I needed to help a family member dealing with a medical emergency. Then the holidays came: which meant celebrations with family and friends with much food and drinks and no adequate time for art.

Now, standing at my studio door I am looking around- The wax paints are cold and solid, the brushes are stiff, the boards are vacant- all is waiting for me to heat the hot palate and jump in. I am taking a moment to breath it all in and enjoy the moment. 

Taking a break from the art studio is both a challenge and a blessing. I terribly missed working quietly in my 'castle'. I missed being creative and playful and pursuing my train of thoughts and ideas. I missed being productive. During the break I often felt lost and empty of ideas, even concerned for 'losing it all'...

At the same time, taking a break helped me embrace  a new perspective on my art and the direction I take. It sharpened my vision on what is important for me and what it means to live fulfilled and mindful life. The break forced me to make choices in time management as well as in my path for future art work.

So here I am, turning on the hot palate, letting my wax melt, blue-taping the edges of a new wood panel and ready to go. I am ready for the new year. I am full of ideas and questions and fears and concerns and...so much more than I can write. 

I wish all of you a happy new year. I hope we are all creating a lot this year. I am excited and eager to get started. 

Please keep visiting my website and be a part of my journey. Please come to visit my studio. Please follow my progress, ask questions and be curious about my work. I really appreciate your interest in my art. 

Happy New Year!